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Florida Air Controls is a full line distributor specializing in air controls sales, service, installation and repair of Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders and Valves for the marine boat & ship industry.

We have just about every cylinder and pneumatic valve control or accessory you need. NFPA and NFPA interchangeable pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, industrial directional control valves, air line conditioning devices, electro-pneumatic devices, special purpose air valves, pneumatic pressure control valves, actuators and positioners and mobile type multi-position air cylinders.

From the design of new systems to the re-manufacture of old systems. We can design custom packages manufactured to your specifications. Florida Air Controls has a state of the art shop for all repairs and rebuilding of parts.

Sales and Service are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Manufacturers / Product Lines

Rexroth pneumatics division products are wherever you need them.

Rexroth supplies more than a quarter million cylinders and valves each year - to push, pull, move and control the wheels and levers of industry. You will find we have just about any kind of cylinder, pneumatic valve or accessory you need.


  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders - NFPA Type
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders - NFPA Interchangeable
  • Pneumatic Directional Valves - Industrial Types
  • Accessory Valves & Devices
  • Air Line Conditioning Devices
  • Electro-Pneumatic Devices
  • Special Purpose Air Valves & Pneumatic Pressure Control Valves
  • Special Purpose Air Valves
  • Actuators & Positioners
  • Mobile Type / Multi-Postition Air Cylinders

Visit the Rexroth Corporate Website: www.rexroth-mecman.com

Mathers Pneumatic Propulsion Control Systems provide superior handling for high-preformance vessels.

For anchor-handling tugs, offshore supply boats, ship-handling tugs...these are the systems to do the job.

Mathers Controls has engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art propulsion systems since the 50’s. Our pneumatic propulsion control systems are prime examples of our long commitment toward providing safe, reliable, long lasting controls.

Simply put, our pneumatic propulsion control systems sequence, speed, clutch, and, if applicable, propeller shaft brakes to ensure the safest, and yet shortest, possible timing for each maneuver.

Our current generation, the Ad12 and the AD14 discussed here, are, like their predecessors, designed to meet exacting standards. Feature for feature, from the highest quality manufacturing materials to painstaking testing, we put all our knowledge to work to provide systems the ensure protection of valuable engines, reverse gears and clutches.

Quality Controls

Ever since our beginnings in 1962, Kobelt Manufacturing Limited has been committed to manufacturing the finest marine controls in the world. From our very first line of pneumatic controls, we've believed in the simple things - rugged construction, quality materials and prompt delivery to our customers.

Visit their corporate website: www.kobelt.com

More Manufacturers We Carry

  • Marine Engine Controls
  • Dekaron (tubing)
  • Shrader Bellows / Parker
  • Reading Technologies (dryers, filters, etc...
  • Duro-United (Gauges)
  • Wilkerson (regulators and parts)
  • Fischer (regulators and parts)
  • WECO (actuators)
  • Weatherhead (fittings and accessories)
  • Aeroquip (fittings and accessories)
  • Deublin (rotary seals)

Repair Old Systems or Rebuild Components

Official Deublin Repair Station

Repairs and Rebuilds:

Hydraulic / Pneumatic Air Control Valves and Levers in Florida Boats & Ships. Pneumatic air control parts are rebuilt in our state of the art shop. You remove component, send to us and the following is performed:

  • Repair or Rebuild Components. Component is disassembled & inspected for malfunction (if applicable)
  • Parts are either cleaned or soaked depending on type.
  • Parts are then lubricated as appropriate and reassembled using new repair kit.
  • Component is then tested on our test bench and adjusted to proper specs.
  • Component is painted better than factory standards if appropriate.
  • Component is then tagged and shipped back to owner or yard.